How To Write Website Copy That Will Attract Your Dream Clients

Your website design is crucial in attracting your clients, but your website copy is a major part in converting inquiries into clients. Here are some tips on how you can improve your website copy and ultimately attract your target audience.

Riley Yahr Creative Studio - Website Copy

1. Determine your brand voice

Before you begin writing any copy for your brand, you have to first determine your brand voice so you can connect with your target audience. A brand voice is the tone and style of your writing - the personality of your brand. To figure out your brand voice, try this simple exercise:

Come up with three words that capture the personality you want people to see from your brand. Then, elaborate on those words and be as descriptive as you can.


Empowering, especially for women

Bold, but not obnoxious,

Relatable, but not too casual

2. Differentiate your brand from your competitors

Look to your competitors and study their website copy. How can you be different than them? You want to stand out from your competitors rather than blend in with them.

3. Be inspiring

Your brand voice should capture the attention of your audience and inspire them. A good way to do this is use short phrases that create an action. (Example: Be the change.)

4. Be engaging

Your voice should engage your audience and feel relatable to them. Don’t try too hard, as you will come across as fake and a “tryhard”. Allow your voice to be conversational, while expressing personality.

5. Keep it short and simple

These days, people want information fast. It’s best to keep your website copy simple and to the point. When a person visits your website, they should be able to clearly determine what your business is and what it is that you offer in less than 30 seconds .

6. Keep your brand voice fluid

A lot of times people work really hard to come up with their website copy and once they’re finished, they keep if the same for years. However, the world and the people in it are always evolving, so your brand voice and website copy should be too. Keep up with your audience, and the changes that are happening in your industry, in technology, etc… It’s inevitable that your business is also going to change. Every so often, it’s beneficial to go back and revisit your brand voice and website copy and ask yourself: Is my brand voice keeping up my with audience?