6 Tips to create a beautiful and successful Instagram feed

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Instagram is a powerful marketing tool. Your Instagram feed is often times the first piece of your brand potential customers see. Your feed should capture their attention and inspire them. Consistency is key in crafting a cohesive Instagram feed. Below you’ll find tips on how to curate and maintain a successful Instagram feed that turns visitors into followers and clients.

1. Choose a style

The first thing you’ll want to do is choose a style for your overall feed. Do you want your feed to be colorful and inspirational, dark and moody, feminine and professional, etc…

Example - Brianna Madia: Vanlifer, dog lover, amazing writer. Her feed consists of warm tones, adventure photos, and a whole lot of orange.

BRIANNA MADIA  @briannamadia

BRIANNA MADIA @briannamadia


2. Pick a color scheme

Next, pick a color scheme. If you have a color palette for your brand, use those colors because, again, consistency is super important. You can choose around three colors to implement in your graphics, or you can stick with a consistent color scheme, like pastels for example.

Example - Brit+Co @britandco: A media company that inspires women. Brit+Co does an excellent job with their Instagram feed. Going back to my first point: You can tell their style is feminine and inspiring. Onto their color scheme: You can see that they focus on using a lot of pinks and pastels.


3. Edit your photos

First, make sure your photos are good quality. Then, use the same filter on all of your photos to create a consistent look. I like to use VSCO app - it’s free and the filters are great.

Example - Privacy Please @privacypls: A clothing brand. Their feed has a signature look due to their beautiful vintage and grainy looking images. It’s clear that they edit the photos with the same filter to achieve this look.

PRIVACY PLEASE  @privacypls

PRIVACY PLEASE @privacypls


4. Create templates for your graphics

Canva is great free tool for creating graphics. But keep it simple and don't overdo it.

Example - The Honest Company @honest: A shop that sells ethical and safe baby and beauty products. Their graphics are consistent - sharing a blue background, a quote in the same font, and their logo. The simplicity and consistency of these graphics are what make them strong.




5. Choose a grid

A grid can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. It can be as simple as posting a quote every other post (circle back to Brit+Co’s feed example). Or you can get fancy.

Example - Juniper Oats @juniperoats: A shop that sells art prints and other beautiful things. Their Instagram grid is a puzzle. Each post flows into the next. They sell Instagram grids if that’s something you’re interested in! Click here to check it out!

JUNIPER OATS  @juniperoats

JUNIPER OATS @juniperoats


6. Coordinate your posts

Finally, it’s important to coordinate your posts. You want all of your posts to flow with each other. Make sure the colors in your latest post coordinate with your next post. For example, if you’re a food blogger and your last post was a shot of a a cake on a black background, your next post probably shouldn’t be another photo was shot on that same black background (unless your going for a dark style and all of your posts are on dark backgrounds).

There are so many tools out there that can help you visually plan our your posts before you actually post them. Check out Planoly.

You’ll know when your Instagram has been branded when users scrolling through their feed can recognize your brand without reading your handle and just seeing your post alone.

Hopefully these six tips help you create a cohesive feed that stands out from the crowd!