What Are Collateral Items & Why Do You Need Them?


So what is a collateral item?

A collateral item is any physical or digital asset that is used to promote your brand, designed to be congruent with your brand’s identity and core values. A few examples of collateral items include: business cards, thank you cards, patterns, stickers, brochures, advertisements, coasters, Instagram post templates, etc…

Why are branded collateral items important?

1. collateral items promote your business

The most obvious reason to have collateral items for your business is for marketing purposes. Brochures, flyers, business cards, media kits — They promote your business and get your name out there into the world.

2. Collateral items communicate your brand’s personality

Branded collateral items will show your brand’s personality, which in turn, will attract the right customers for your business.

3. Collateral items generate trust with your customers

Collateral items that are consistent with your branding strengthen your brand’s identity. They share the same colors, fonts, patterns etc... This creates consistency which is key in generating trust with your customers.

There are so many collateral items that you can implement into your business today to help promote your business, attract the right customers and ultimately, generate trust with them. For a checklist of 40 40 digital and physical collateral items, download my freebie!

Need help designing collateral items for you business? I would love to help you out. Shoot me an email at rileyyahr@gmail.com to get the ball rolling!